Healing Canines is working to develop a non-profit foundation that can help with the financial requirements of raising, training and placing service dogs for individuals and families in North & South Carolina. Currently, there are no non-profit organizations in this area that provide the unique experience and benefits of private service dog training. 

Private service dog training has many benefits:

  • Customized training program

  • Ability to choose your own dog

  • Full ownership of the dog

  • No long wait-list to begin training

  • Private, one-on-one instruction

  • Licensed and professional trainers

  • Program that follows industry standards

  • Lifetime support for the team


Unfortunately the process of raising, training, and placing a service dog is quite expensive. On average, private service dog applicants must raise close to $25,000 to purchase a suitable dog, have that dog professionally trained for service work, and cover the costs of equipment and placement/delivery. Our goal is to help offset that expense by providing financial assistance to those individuals or families in need. 

Breakdown of expenses:

  • Average cost to purchase a well bred puppy $2,500-3,000

  • Average cost to raise, train and socialize the puppy for service work (8 weeks to 6 months): $13,000

  • Average cost of formal service dog training: $13-15,000

  • Average cost of service dog equipment: $100-800

  • Average cost of placement/delivery to the individual or family $1000


We are currently working in the formation phase, so check back soon for more updates on the status of our non-profit! 

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