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Healing Canines provides professionally trained, reliable and affordable service dogs. We offer private service dog training for the following; Guide Dogs for the blind, Seizure Response Service Dogs, Mobility Assistance Service Dogs, and Psychiatric Service Dogs.


A service dog is a major investment of both time and resources, and we do our best to find the highest quality dogs, provide the most reliable and effective training, and provide extensive team training and follow up services.

With extensive experience training and placing a variety of service dogs, Owner & Head Trainer Rebecca Golian, has years of experience evaluating, training, and placing service dogs. She is a licensed and Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and is also a Qualified Guide Dog Mobility Instructor. Rebecca is the owner and head trainer at Love in the Lead Canine Training, LLC and founded Healing Canines in order to provide exceptional service dog training services. Healing Canines follows industry standards in the training, testing, and placement of our service dogs.

Benefits of our Service Dog Program

  • Customized training program

  • Ability to choose your own dog

  • Full ownership of the dog

  • No long wait-list to begin training

  • Private, one-on-one instruction

  • Licensed and professional trainers

  • Program that follows industry standards

  • Lifetime support for the team


Unbeatable Customer Service

Not only can we select, train, and deliver your ideal service dog, but you are part of the process from start to finish. You get to pick your own dog, you will receive high quality photos and videos of your dog during training, and you receive lifetime support! We include a free follow up visit at 6 months and 12 months post graduation, and we offer free phone and email support for as long as you own the dog.

Types of Service Dogs

Finding the Right Dog

Healing Canines offers service dog evaluation services, and has relationships with several reputable breeders. We help clients find older dogs (6 months-1 year of age) that have some basic obedience training, have been properly socialized, and have shown to have exceptional temperaments suitable for service work.


We also have our own puppy raising program and offer "Started Service Dogs" for purchase. These puppies are hand-picked by Rebecca Golian, and undergo Phase 1 and Phase 2 of formal service dog training through Healing Canines. The dogs are available for sale at 4 or 6 months of age. We commonly use Labrador Retrievers, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and Standard Poodles. To see our available started service dogs please click here.

It takes a unique temperament to work safely and effectively as a service dog, therefore service dog selection is a vital part of the process and should be done by a qualified professional. Our formal service dog evaluations includes a full report on the dog’s temperament, conformation, health history, and training history. Dogs are evaluated in a large city, to ensure their confidence and
willingness to work in busier environments.

Average cost of a puppy: $2-3k
Average cost of a started service dog: $7-14k*

*Cost depends on age, breed, and amount of training


Affordable and Reliable Service Dogs

Our service dog training program is highly affordable, and can be completely customized. Large service dog schools estimate the cost of a fully trained service dog to be between $40-60k. Due to the structure of our program, we can offer fully trained service dogs for much less. The cost of a fully trained service dog from our program will depend on several factors: cost of the dog, type of formal training needed, client’s location, and the type of equipment needed. The average cost of service dog training through our program is $13,000. This price includes the formal training, placement/delivery of the dog, and team certifications. This price does not include the cost of the dog.

Seeing is believing!

We post daily videos and photos of all the dogs in training. Owners are able to watch their dogs during their formal training!

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